November 16, 2012
Eritrea Telecommunication Services Corporation or simply known as (EriTel)

(formerly the Telecommunications Service of Eritrea), more commonly known as EriTel, located at the center of Asmara, is the sole operator of land line telephone communication infrastructure in Eritrea. It is also the sole operator of the mobile telephone service, and one of the several internet service providers in Eritrea. Mobile service by EriTel started in March 2004 and service has grown considerably since inception.

EriTel operates a GSM 900 network which covers almost all major urban areas including: Asmara, Embatkala, Ghinda, Massawa, Dekemhare, Mendefera, Keren, Adi Keyh, Barentu, Teseney, Agordat, Sawa, and Nakfa.

This branch of EriTel was founded jointly between the Government of Eritrea and Ubambo Investment Holdings Limited (a South African firm). Eritel doesn't provide its customers with SMS services to foreign locations.

As an internet operator it was among the first to get a license to operate. To provide its product the company provides internet cafes, leased lines, and dial-up connections. Connections are typically overcrowded however, and congestion is an acknowledged problem. EriTel controls the national gateway and created it in partnership with USAID.

EriTel assumed this infrastructure from the Postal and Telecommunications Authority once they were split into separate entities. The infrastructure that is used was laid during the Italian colonial period. It consists primarily of aging copper wire, though in the major urban centers, including Asmara, Massawa, and Keren, upgrades have been made to the switching systems.
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