Eritrean Timeline of Historical Events.

This section of abouteritrea is dedicated to listing the major historical events that happend in Eritrea from the pre-recorded history, upto contemporary events. Click on each topic to expand it, you may also discuss/comment by following instruction of the details
During the BCE era
3BCE First Human Settlements in Eritrea
3BCE Early gold mine operations in Eritrea
2BCE The beginning of Semitic emergence in Eritrea
2BCE Rise of the Axumite kingdom
after the AD era
710 The destruction of port of Adulis
1400 Temporary rule Eritrean highlands by the Amhara
1500 Failed Ethio-Portuguese attempt of occupation, Turkey occupies Eritrea
1700 The emergence of small kingdoms
1770 First recorded war between Eritrea and Ethiopia
Werner Munzinger in Eritrea
1852 Werner Munzinger's arrival to Eritrea
1853 Munzinger lands in Massawa as a merchant
1854 Munzinger travels to Keren and meets his future-wife
1855 Werner Munzinger dismissed - research plans in Eritrea
1856 Marriage of Munzinger and estate in Keren
1859 Munzinger publishes first book about Eritrea
1861 New expedition in Eritrea begins by German Scientist
1862 Expedition from Eritrea to Khartoum
1863 Munzinger to Keren and Theodor II plan for crusade
1864 The Egyptians purchase Massawa
Hatsey Thedros Time
1865 Theodor II takes European as hostages
1868 Withdrawal of English troops from Abyssinia
1869 Raffaele purchases the bay of Assab.
1869 Attempted assassination on Munzinger
1869 Egyptian occupation of Eritrea starts
1871 Khedive Ismail appoints Munzinger as governor of Massawa
1872 Demand for an Anschluss by the Bogos
1872 Authorization of projects Khedive Ismail
1872 Munzinger's plans to annex Ethiopian territory
1872 Munzinger's report about Social improvements
1873 Munzinger complainst to Khediev Ismail
1875 Trade route between Schoa and Red Sea
1875 War between the Massawa province and Ethiopia
1875 The murder of munzinger and his wife
1879 Khedive Ismail abandons power over the Redsea
1879 Report on traditional rituals by Zarah Ibrahim
Colonilism starts by Italy
1881 Assab becomes Italian colony
1885 Italians gain total control over Eritrea
1889 The Treaty of Wuchale (italian. Ucciali)
1890 Eritrea declared as a "Colony of Italy"
1890 Italin policy discrimination of natives begins
1890 Schools built in Eritrea, but only for Italians
1901 Italy starts gold mining in Eritrea
1908 Begining of the irrigation systems in Eritrea
1922 Mussolini announces a settlement of the bill of Adua
1923 Second law establish by Italy in Eritrea
1930 Italin immigration to Eritrea
1930 Italian racist policy towards Eritreans
1931 Italy exports Eritrean gold
1935 Massive expansion of the Italian
1939 Agricultural boom in Eritrea
1941 Eritrean support for English troops
1941 England victory over Italy, another power comes, but same policy
1941 England starts to destabilize Eritrea
1942 Sentiments of revolution in Eritrea against English rule
1945 WW2 ends, Britain dismantles every Eritrean industry
1945 Italy claims Eritrea as a "pre-facist" colony
1946 France goes against the Idea of dividing Eritrea
1948 Britain says Eritrea can not survive on its own
1950 The world votes in favour for Eritrean federation with Ethiopia
1950 UN official report on Eritrea
1950 US signs deal with Ethiopia for Military bases
1952 Eritrea is federated with Ethiopia by force
1952 Eritrean factories taken to Ethiopia.
1953 Mass demonstration by Woldeab Woldemariam
1953 Assassination attempt at Woldeab Woldemariam
1952 Elections in Eritrea: dissolving parties
1953 Resistance against dictatorship and official language becomes Amharic
1958 General strike in Eritrea starts
1958 Foundation of ELM ( Eritrean Liberation Movement )
1961 Foundation of second movement: ELF ( Eritrean Liberation Front )
1961 Beginning of the armed fight for the liberation of Eritrea
1962 Haile Selassie dissolves Eritrean parliament annexes Eritrea
1962 Eritrea is anexed and becomes 14th province of Ethiopia
1962 Eritrea receives its first help from Arab countries
1962 Internal problems leads to the downfall of ELF
1963 Foundation of AU in Addis Ababa by Haile slassie
1964 Second AU meeting, Hilesilassie tries to Manipulate the the truth
1965 Eritrea's independence aims shattered by AU
1966 The worlds biggest production of potash carried out by Silassie
1968 The birth of EPLF
1970 Official foundation of the EPLF ( Eritrean People's Liberation Front )
1970 Civil War and Famines
1971 Invasion of Eritrea by Ethiopian army
1974 Selassie Overthrown after military victory
1974 Mengistu Hailemariam rises to power in Ethiopia
1974 ELF & EPLF attack Keren and Asmara
1975 Copper ore deposits at the hand of the Derg
1975 EPLF Controls Keren, Dekemhare, Dongolo and others
1975 Cruelty under Mengistu Hailemariam
1975 Mengistu proposes "9 Points plan"
1975 Rape and torture of Eritreans by the Derg regime
1975 ERA founded with the help of EPLF
1975 Foundation of the TPLF & OLF ( Oromo Liberation Front )
1976 Eritrean Farmers demonstrate against landownership rules
1976 First Women's organization, and First school in Eritrea by Eritreans
1976 Ethiopian farmer's militia suffers defeats
1977 First unity congress of the EPLF
1977 EPLF gives equal rights to women.
1977 Nakfa is under EPLF control
1977 Tessenei under EPLF control
1977 EPLF begins siege of Asmara
1977 Ethiopia plans for immersion of atomic waste in Eritrea
1977 Ethiopian alliance with Soviet Union, Cuba
1978 Under the EPLF controlled regions, Tigrinia and Tigre becomes a curriculum for Education
1978 Ethiopian major offensieve with Soviet and Cuban help on Eritrea
1978 Withdrawal of EPLF Sahel territory, after Derg offensive
1978 EPLF strengthens position in Sahel
1978 The increase of women in the EPLF
1979 The establishment of hamade'e
1980 UN recognizes Eritea's self-determination right
1980 Suppression of referendum in Eritrea
1982 6th Ethio / Soviet offensive against Eritrea
1983 7th Ethio / Soviet offensive against Eritrea
1984 Tessenei conquered by EPLF
1984 Relief funds from SUKE to ERA
1984 The start of Famin in Eritrea
1984 Eritrean Relief Association (ERA) makes big progress
1985 8th Ethio / Soviet offensive against Eritrea
1986 ERA's General assembly
1986 Construction of a shool at Wina
1986 Ethiopian prisoners of war reach 7000. Kept by ERA
1987 Second EPLF Confress meeting
1987 EPLF establishes State's economic programe
1988 The world media say's Eritrea can't win the war
1988 Eritrean refugees in Sudan reach 100,000
1988 EPLF controls Afabet
1988 10,000 Ethiopian soldiers defeated in days
1988 Mengistu turns to China and North Korea for more weapons
1988 3rd Congress of NUEW ( hamade'e)
1988 Successes of EPLF and TPLF rattles Ethiopian Army
1989 Last mobilization of Ethiopia
1989 Ethiopian prisoners reach 12,000 and Mengistu begins "Peace Talks"
1990 Surprise attack by EPLF against Ethiopian held territories
1990 Invasion of Massawa by EPLF
1990 Mengistu launches Nepalm and Cluster Bombs in Massaw
1990 The Soviet Union stops helping Mengistu
1990 Mengistu's empire starts to shake from inside
1990 Eritrea stats to get recognition by the world press only after a Win is inevitable
1991 Asmara is under EPLF control, Mengistu fleeds to Zimbabwe
to be continued...