What is Enjera

September 3, 2012
Injera, Enjera or Engera - is a very famous and traditional flatbread-like food made in Ethiopia, Eritrea and several other towns bordering both countries. This bread is a staple food in Eritrea, where it is served with almost every meal. Majority of the Injera is made with Teff flour, a gluten free flour produced from teff, a popular African grain.

Injera has a distinctive sour flavor and spongy texture which makes it ideally suited to sopping up curries, stews, and other wet dishes. To make injera, cooks ferment ground teff at room temperature, much like cooks producing sourdough in other parts of the world. The fermentation collects natural yeasts, which provide some loft for the bread and impart a classically sour flavor. It is possible to overferment the teff, potentially creating a borderline alcoholic dough or simply a sour, distasteful dough which will not be pleasant to eat. Cooks who are experimenting with injera may require several tries before they get it right, but they should not despair. Many people who ate at African restaurants are familiar with basic Injera. It is also made and sold widely in Western countries, because of the high demands from Ethiopians and Eritreans abroad. Variations on the flatbread can be made with different types of teff flour, or with flour blends. Some experimental cooks even try mixing ingredients like minced onions into their injera batter, for a unique flavor and texture. In all cases, the finished product will be bubbly with a strong texture which holds up well on the tables
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