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Discussion About : # EPLF gives equal rights to women.

1977 | Since February1977, the members of the EPLF declared compulsory the following: <> Minimum age for marriage for women is 18 years, for men 21 years <> Prohibition of bride prices, of marriage portion and other transactions for affiance and marriage <> Principle of the voluntarily mate selection and monogamy <> When there is divorce: The half of the possession is for the woman, the woman can claim for support up to the half of the income of the husband, both have the same right to file a petition for divorce <> Prohibition of the mutilation of girls and conviction work at traditional "midwives" <> Equal rights of sons and daughters in the law of succession <> Widows can claim for land possession <> Women over 30 ("not marriageable") get the half of a part of a family <> equal ranking of legitimate and illegitimate children. However, some nomads from the Islamic section, resisted women rights for equal rights, and even tried to kill women who supported or were involved with the EPLF. To counter this problem, the EPLF asked the nomads and their leaders to prove using the Koran that education for women was forbidden. However, there was <b>no</b> prove that the Koran forbid education of women.

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