Timeline of Eritrean Events

Discussion About : # Khedive Ismail appoints Munzinger as governor of Massawa

1871 | After the Egyptians takeover of Massawa, Khedive Ismail appointed Munzinger as a governor of Massawa and of the provinces at the Red Sea. Munzinger at this time: <> Possessed an own steamer and had taken the Swiss expedition searcher Haggenmacher with him to Massawa <> He is residing with his wife Oulette-Mariam in a governor's palace Munzinger's new projects for Massawa included he had planed, <>levee construction between the island Massawa and the continental land <> Project of a water pipe from the continental land to the Island Massawa <> Telegraph line created over Keren to Kouala, eventually to Cairo. <> Project of a railway line along the cost of Keren.

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