Timeline of Eritrean Events

Discussion About : # Munzinger's plans to annex Ethiopian territory

1872 | In November, 31 1872 Munzinger reports to khedive Ismail about Expansion project against Ethiopia and Italian occupied territory: He reports: <> The Belen and the Mareas have looked for shelter with him and are under Egypt protection, also a part of the Danakil <> Munzinger suggests also to bring Beylul and Raheita "under his control" <> Munzinger suggests the annexation of the Aussa province and of the great salt plain: Since Aussa was a fertile, richly populated land on one of the great Abessinian trade routs and would be strategically important, so a big part of the caravans from Schoa and Galla could be drawn to Munzinger's ports. At the same time Italy has it's own plans on Eritrea. It intended to increase it's presence between Beylul and Raheita. [ Which was why Munzinger was making plans ahead to occupy the territory before the Italians did. For, this plan Munzinger demands a new ship at the same time ]

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