Timeline of Eritrean Events

Discussion About : # Second law establish by Italy in Eritrea

1923 | On 7th February 1923. Italy declared a law claiming its ownership. <> All roads built by the government <> All coasts, ports, beaches and forests <> All telegraph and telephone lines and water courses <> All land which belonged to tribes which have died out or is not in possession of other tribes or families <> All land which belonged to former governments <> Forests and bush which is not reserved for the sedentary population <> Mines, winning territories, salt mines, other rights reserved <> All land in the Eastern and Western lowlands which is not settled by a sedentary population The consequences for the population are catastrophic: <> Around the half of the soil of Eritrea comes under control of the Italian colonial administration <> Breakdown of the native land system <> The local rural population is forced into wage work <> There is a development of a mechanized agriculture for export products as tobacco, coffee, cotton and citrus fruits with the employment of season workers <> The influence of the capital changes the habits of the population: The people emigrate from their traditional village communities

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