Timeline of Eritrean Events

Discussion About : # The world votes in favour for Eritrean federation with Ethiopia

1950 | In December 02, 1950 - Both big powers start speaking against the will of liberation of the Eritrean people. There is a vote of a federation of Eritrea with Ethiopia: Eritrea is hence "joined" to Ethiopia by 40:10 votes with 4 abstentions, as <b>Autonomic unity within the federation with Ethiopia under the sovereignty of the Ethiopian crown</b>. A democratic constitution for Eritrea will be elaborated by a commissioner of the UN by September 1952. The "USA" is putting through their "interests". The "American" State Secretary John Foster Dulles: <b>When one sees the point of view of justice the Eritrean people deserve consideration. But the interest of the United States at the Red Sea and the considerations according to the safety and the world peace make it necessary that the country will be joined to Ethiopia.</b> The countries of Eastern bloc were against this solution and for independence of Eritrea. But Eritrea and its ethnic communities are never asked about their choice.

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