Timeline of Eritrean Events

Discussion About : # Foundation of second movement: ELF ( Eritrean Liberation Front )

1961 | After 2 years of the establishment of ELM, another second underground movement referred to as "Eritrean Liberation Front" (ELF) is founded by the exiled Eritreans in Sudan and Egypt. They come from the lowlands were mainly mainly Islamic, under the command of Idris Mohamed Adem who stayed as the parliament leader from 1955-1956. The ELM the leaders and the ELF are propagating the armed fight for the Eritrean independence. In the first years the ELF was a typical guerrilla movement. The military education was given by the Sudanese army. Members of the ELF were mainly from ethnic groups of the Beni and of the Amer from the Barka region

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