Timeline of Eritrean Events

Discussion About : # Internal problems leads to the downfall of ELF

1962 | 14th November 1962, Marks two events that happened in Eritrea. 1 - <b>Downfall of ELF</b> ELF's self proclamations of it was the only political organization that could liberate Eritrea lead to more problems among ELF, and ELM. As such: <>ELF is not only fighting Ethiopian troops, but also ELM ( Eritrean Liberation Movement ) The Result becomes: <> There is no uniform resistance against the Selassie troops <> The Selassie troops can attack every province seperately <> The ELF weakened suffers a defeat with a massacre <> The flow of Eritrean refugees starts flowing into Sudan 2- <b> Haile selassie orders all Arabic and Tigrinia books to be burned </b> Emperor Selassie organizes the book burning of all school books which are written in Eritrean languages. Arab and Tigrinia are replaced by Ethiopian Amharic. In Eritrea the duty for glorification of emperor Selassie is introduced, with songs and poems (according to communist methods) In fact the Selassie dictatorship was continuing the colonial system of the oppression of the education against the Eritrean population, exactly as how it was run during the Italian colonial era, except Eritrea was being robbed of it's factories, industries in a wide margin.

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