What is Hamade

August 26, 2012
One of the earliest flags of hamad In its current
Ha-ma-de-e - (Hagerwawi-Mahber-Dekenstyo-Eritrea) or The National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW) was a governmental organization established in 1979 as one of the on-going demands by the Eritrean People's Liberation Front during it's 30 years struggle for Independence.

In its current form, the NUEW is an autonomous non-governmental organization dedicated to improve the status of Eritrean women in the country. During Eritrea's liberation struggle, NUEW succeeded in organizing and encouraging women's participation in the war effort. Since independence in 1991, NUEW has continued to enhance the role of women by raising their political consciousness through literacy campaigns, credit programs, English language lessons, and other skills training. NUEW is administered by a headquarters office located in Asmara, as well as by regional offices located in all six zones. Membership numbers over 200,000 women inside Eritrea and some 170,000 outsite Eritrea . Sources of income include monthly membership fees, grants and projects, and fund-raising activities by members.

The Mission of The NUEW is to ensure that all Eritrean women confidently stand for their rights and equally participate in the political, economic, social,and cultural spheres of the country and share the benefits and advocate for the development of women's confidence in themselves and respect for one another, and raising of consciousness to ensure their rights in the political and legal systems; Laws that protect women's rights in the family: entitlement rights and other civil laws; Equal access to education and employment opportunities: equal pay for equal work and equal rights to skills development to promotion; Improved access to adequate health care, paid maternity leave, and child care services; The eradication of harmful traditional practices that endanger women's health and well-being; The reduction of poverty for Eritrean women and their families.
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